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What is it?

The Impact Residency is an artist development programme for bands and solo artists based in Birmingham.

Every 6 months we work with a different band/artist to record and mix up to three studio tracks.

We are looking for bands/artists:

  • whose work demonstrates creativity and originality

  • who can show they are proactively building a fanbase

  • for whom a studio recording at this point would significantly impact their artistic career

Impact residencies run twice a year, from April - September and October - March.

We select a new band/artist following a selection panel meeting, which takes place in April and October.

To be considered at one of these meetings, you will need to submit your application by the preceding deadline:

Below is a timeline outlining the process of selection, recording and mixing for each Impact Residency:

  • Apr – Application selection

  • May – Band/artist 1 (recording)

  • Jun – Band/artist 1 (recording)

  • Jul – Band/artist 1 (mixing)

  • Aug – Band/artist 1 (mixing)

  • Sept – <BREAK>

  • Oct – Application selection

  • Nov – Band/artist 2 (recording)

  • Dec – Band/artist 2 (recording)

  • Jan – Band/artist 2 (mixing)

  • Feb – Band/artist 2 (mixing)

  • Mar – <BREAK>

*The above is an outline only and is subject to negotiation with the individual producer. Although every effort will be made to accommodate individual band/artist preferences in relation to recording dates, final decisions on which dates are offered will be made by Impact.


Key features:

We will provide each resident band/artist with a total of 60 hours’ studio time (30 hours recording + 30 hours mixing) over a six-month period to record up to three tracks for the band/artist to use.

Other optional elements (open for discussion at the start of the residency):

  • Access to supporting musicians (if required) to feature on recordings and/or in live performance

  • Access to our network of contacts: graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers

  • Constructive feedback on songs, live performance, arrangements etc.

  • Continued support and advice (for example, on running your own shows) once the residency has ended

We will provide this free of charge to the resident band/artist.  In return, we ask that the band/artist commits to the programme agreed at the outset.


1. Bands/artists must make use of recording and mixing hours within the duration of the Impact Residency. Impact is under no obligation to provide outstanding studio time to those bands/artists who fail to make use of it within the allocated time.

2. Impact reserves the right to make use of any recordings made in order to promote the Impact Residency. Impact recognises the band/artist’s right to earn income from and use finished recordings in whatever way they choose.

We're really happy to chat through any questions you have! Give us a shout at hello@impactbirmingham.com