how do i apply?

To apply to be part of the Impact Residency programme please fill in the form below and submit it.

We also need to hear a rough demo/recording of 2 original tracks. You can upload them using the link below. Don't worry if your recordings are not studio quality, rough recordings from your phone or other device will be fine. Please make sure that the file names include the band/artist name and the name of the track.

Contact Name: *
Contact Name:
We will only consider bands/artists that are based in Birmingham.
If you're a band, name your members and instruments. If you're a solo artist, describe you live set up and recording set up, if different.
Keep it brief - How did you get together? How long have you been going? etc.
Date, venue, other bands on the bill
Here's your opportunity to tell us about your challenges as well as your successes
For example: favourite gig, favourite song, radio airplay, number of views/likes...
- Website - Facebook - Soundcloud - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram etc.